What do you do?

Every time something good happens in my life gets finished there is talk of selling it and downsizing and going back to square one.

Sometimes I feel I don’t exist because every time we do something that improves my life it seems to cause my parents to argue.

Sometimes I think I want to hide in a hole and never come out.

When will it end??

I can’t start my life

I moved from the US to London very young due to my Dad’s job. I went to school there, college there. I always wanted to start my life in America, but being disabled I could only do it when my dad finished his job.

I ended uni a year ago but still, I’m trapped in a country I do not belong. I don’t actually want to start my life until I’m in America permanently, yeah I may escape dangerous hurricanes by going back to London occasionally but why does it have to be London.

Could be LA or Cuba or any other place I haven’t been.

I feel like I’m being ‘kidnapped’ from having the life I want.